My Husband

May 17th, 2017

My husband and I were in bed talking about our pasts. He told me all his girl friends and his first wife had cheated on him. He told me everything, I listened, asked about what they did and how he felt. I noticed how his breathing increased. I hugged him to feel better. I noticed he was hard, like really hard. I touched him, wrapping my fingers around him. I looked deep into his eyes and suddenly I realized something important and asked, “Do you want me to be like them and cheat too?” -FHwife

wearing panties

May 14th, 2017

I love wearing garters with a nice lace top and panties I like to dress like a girl I get hard and my panties get wet from my pre c um I wipe the c um from the head of my cock with my finger and put it in my mouth licking and sucking


April 15th, 2017

Why do I love cock so much? I have a sexy wife, and love everything sexual with her, but… I love to suck, love cum, and love the feel of a cock in my ass. Some days (like now), I want it so bad I’m sitting here jacking off and slurping up every little bit that drips out of my cock. I actually like bigger cocks than my wife does. I’m pretty sure that if any cute guy pulled out his cock in even semi-privacy, I’d just start sucking.

i’m a cocksucker

March 29th, 2017

ok i’m here and jerking off so i’ll admit i am a married cocksucker who loves cock … i’m addicted to sucking cock and swallowing a nice warm load … love to suck strangers off … i’m subjimmy

Sissy husband gets serviced

March 2nd, 2017

After about three years of no sexual contact I moved out of the wife’s master bedroom into a smaller bedroom down the hallway I happily agreed for her to move in her boyfriend and then I started wearing very short sissy maids dresses full-time . We have been denying to everyone about being married only a few people know but that’s OK he changed his last name to mine and at the same time I changed my first name to Debbie so for all purposes he became her husband . I officially became their maid. When my mother in law came to visit she was put into the bedroom directly across from my room and as soon as I saw her go into her room I opened my bedroom door and had very noisy sex with my wife’s new boyfriend I moaned loudly just like any woman in the heat of passion I didn’t notice but apparently I got the effect I was going for she was downstairs when I came down adjusting my dress with my cum soaked panties very much visable under my very short maids dress . She was asking her daughter who was that woman meaning me getting serviced by a strange man in that bedroom I saw that she was stareing at my panties and I bent over in front of her so she would see my panties was very much soaked in his seamen and almost leaking my wife introduced me as her ex-husband now maid and her new husband was the one that services both of the women in this household . My mother in law didn’t stay long but I wondered if she understands . Maybe I can add to this story soon.

Sissy wife for life

February 6th, 2017

I admit it. I would love to find a man that would brainwash me and put me on hormones. After taking control of my sissy mind he would set us up for what I am told a mock wedding. I am dressed in a beautiful wedding gown standing next to my man repeating my womanly vows. We are pronounced man and wife. Then I learn the wedding was for real and I am now his legal wife!I have become a woman in a man’s bed!

Intentional humiliation

January 30th, 2017

For more than a year now my girlfriend Kim has been like the boss of our sex life. I’m 24 and she is 32, married once and very dominating. Once we moved in together she began insisting on spanking me and and using sex toys penitrating me anally. I admit I didn’t like it at first but now find it pleasurable. I have terrific sex with her and go along with anything she wants including letting her tie me down on the basement table blindfolded. Since last June she began bringing her younger sister in to watch how she did all these things to me. That was embarrassing enough but by late July it got to total humiliation of me. So far there have been 5 other girls besides her sister who not only watch her spank and penitrate me but she now lets them participate. There is never more then two of them here at the same time but the humiliation of it still affects me. It happens three or four times a month when Kim invites one or two of them to come here. She knows how embarrassed I get but she claims that her humiliation of me is a turn on for her. I suppose I put up with it because I like living with Kim and have the best sex ever with her when we are alone. When she invites the girls she always ties me down often blindfolding me fo awhile. She always spanks me first or lets one of the girls do it. Once I’m tied down is when Kim and now the girls assult me with the sex toys including a butt plug most of the time. They do masturbate me and shave me but the most humiliating thing of all is when they use a strap on dildo screwing my rectum. I try not to let them see me cry but ofen can’t stop it. When its only Kim and I she is naked as well. When the girls are here they are all dressed which is another factor in the humiliation Kim likes. I see these girls often socializing and am embarrassed talking to them sometimes. I can’t help wondering what they must think of me as a man. They are all older than me except Kim’s sister and two of them are married. I am so exposed to them I feel myself blushing most of the time and its has to be obvious to them. Kim even tells me she loves it when she is sure I am embarrassed and says thats why she has me lay over the table when they use the strap on from the rear. I ask myself why I let all this happen but know I do it to keep Kim happy. I think I’m writing this now because I am nervous. Next Friday Kim told me she is bringing yet another girl she knows from work who I have never met. Its always worse the first few times she brings a different girl and actually never gets much easier. I know I’m a fool but can’t help the way I feel about Kim.

I was born to be a sissy maid

January 25th, 2017

I admit it. I love being a maid. I enjoy being a female servant. I love to clean and serve my master and mistress. I will not give up until I am serving as a uniformed maid. I will beg to have hormones and mind control used on me until all my manhood has been stripped of me and I think and act as a submissive woman. I want to be looked upon as a well behaved and devoted female maid.


December 6th, 2016

I miss it. I miss the feel of a cock getting harder (in my hand, in my mouth, in my ass). I miss the feel of him losing control, sometimes wanting to pull out/back/away to ‘do the right thing’, and me not letting him. I miss the feel of a hard dick after I have pushed it to the edge, exploding. In me. On me. For me. Some days, I want to go find one (some hot young stud), and surprise him with my passion for his pleasure. Some days, I want to take my wife out to find a sexy college guy so she can watch. She doesn’t know. Has no idea that I’ve ever even touched a man. Much less that I’ve spent time learning to be the best cock-hound/cum-slut/sissy-bitch that I could be. That I performed on him, for him, in front of an audience. More than once. That I begged him to fuck me. That I leaned over in an outdoor crowd, pulled out his cock, and started sucking. Always until he exploded. She doesn’t know, when she gags on my erection that I don’t. I sometimes want to say “it’s easy. just take it all. i know, i’ve done it. lots.” She surely doesn’t know, when we talk about fantasies, that I would. If she said yes. I would go with her to find that young man, and ‘share’ his cock with her in the beginning, and then take over. And he would want me to. She’s sexy, and tolerates giving head. But me? I love it. Even after so long. Still.

Public shower erections

November 27th, 2016

I often stay in the shower at my gym, fantasizing about some stranger walking up and asking for head, that I find myself stroking an erection. I wish someone would walk in, see me hard and playing, and just force me to my knees so I could start sucking. I’d love to draw a crowd, and maybe get to just keep sucking while everyone else watches. Why can’t my gym be busy early in the morning?