December 6th, 2016

I miss it. I miss the feel of a cock getting harder (in my hand, in my mouth, in my ass). I miss the feel of him losing control, sometimes wanting to pull out/back/away to ‘do the right thing’, and me not letting him. I miss the feel of a hard dick after I have pushed it to the edge, exploding. In me. On me. For me. Some days, I want to go find one (some hot young stud), and surprise him with my passion for his pleasure. Some days, I want to take my wife out to find a sexy college guy so she can watch. She doesn’t know. Has no idea that I’ve ever even touched a man. Much less that I’ve spent time learning to be the best cock-hound/cum-slut/sissy-bitch that I could be. That I performed on him, for him, in front of an audience. More than once. That I begged him to fuck me. That I leaned over in an outdoor crowd, pulled out his cock, and started sucking. Always until he exploded. She doesn’t know, when she gags on my erection that I don’t. I sometimes want to say “it’s easy. just take it all. i know, i’ve done it. lots.” She surely doesn’t know, when we talk about fantasies, that I would. If she said yes. I would go with her to find that young man, and ‘share’ his cock with her in the beginning, and then take over. And he would want me to. She’s sexy, and tolerates giving head. But me? I love it. Even after so long. Still.

Public shower erections

November 27th, 2016

I often stay in the shower at my gym, fantasizing about some stranger walking up and asking for head, that I find myself stroking an erection. I wish someone would walk in, see me hard and playing, and just force me to my knees so I could start sucking. I’d love to draw a crowd, and maybe get to just keep sucking while everyone else watches. Why can’t my gym be busy early in the morning?


November 15th, 2016

I want cock. Every way I can get it. I fantasize about my wife sitting back and watching me do all of those things she doesn’t know i’ve done. Watching me give great head (I haven’t in SO long), watching me get my ass pounded until he explodes in me (SO miss that feeling – I was such a slut, I’d start sucking until he was close, then just go ass-up and back into him – or slide down on his cock if he was on his back. Anything to be filled!), watching him reach around and stroke me while he was inside me, watching me stop in the middle of a hike and pull down his shorts with others around because i’m so desperate to suck him to completion, watching us in the middle of a 69 session fighting for the first mouthful of cum, watching him take me out in tight shorts and tight shirt to show me off to his friends (them fondling me, and offering me their erections). But especially the one I haven’t done – watching me with a handful of guys filling my holes and covering my face and chest. I’m sure all of this is possible in North Georgia, but so hard to make it look like an ‘accident’.


November 11th, 2016

Thinking hard about sucking cock, stroking myself while I look at some great blowjob pics. I have to admit that I can’t understand why anyone would let a cock out of their mouth as it starts to explode. I always wanted every drop from every blowjob. Just thinking about swallowing makes me wish I was still skinny enough to fem up and go get used in some bar. Maybe the worst part about having added lots of muscle mass since those days is that I can’t play naive and helpless anymore. I so miss being ‘taken advantage of’!

Sissy needs a Man… NOW

October 30th, 2016

Hi I am a closeted crossdressing sissy cock whore… I am obsessed with the Cock, I want oral, anal and hugging kissing cum drinking pee drinking to be Your submissive sissy whore. I go by Seanette, virgin to man sex, shaved and lotioned body, silky soft and smooth Write me Let’s Play Master and Sissy.

i am a faggot cocksucker

August 30th, 2016

my Master makes me shave my pubic hair off so i’ll always be reminded of what i am….a submissive cock sucking faggot.

It feels so good to accept and admit what i am

Feeling girly

August 28th, 2016

Wearing a pair of my wife’s sexy pink lace panties out around town, and I thought I was looking forward to her strap-on in my ass. Now that I’m feeling sexier, I realize I want to feel a real cock explode in my ass and in my mouth. I want her watching, and to be such a good cumslut that she can’t resist masturbating while I’m swallowing! I so miss the feel of a nice hard cock. She’s close to ‘suggesting’ that I try one. I hope my skill doesn’t give away my experience when she finally watches. I’m not sure how she would handle knowing her husband spent some time as a man’s cockloving, cum-swallowing, cross-dressing little bitch.

Can’t stop thinking about cock

August 27th, 2016

I am a closet sissy! Love being girly! I have taken pics outdoors in bikinis, panties, etc! Always have cock on my mind! I have sucked one just for a couple minutes though! I am married but want to but want to be a cumslut! I crave being exposed

I am a cock sucker

August 26th, 2016

58 years old. I am a cock sucker. Love being on my knees with my head bobbing up and down on big cock. Gulping down big tasty loads of cum. Lately I my fantasy is to be caught, be watched, be exposed.
Yes lock me chastity, put me in panties, spank me, make me the queer homo oock sucking sissy faggot that I am.

small cocklit sissy.

August 17th, 2016

The earliest I can remember of cross dressing was around age seven. I would try on my sisters panties that where silky soft. At age 28 I confessed my secret to my girlfriend. She accepted me for what I am but I had to do as she said if I wanted her to stay with me. I agreed to it and have been wearing panties every since. During the week as I work a full time job she has affairs with men. She tells me about them when I get home. On weekends she may have a boyfriend over for sex or go stay with him. I am dressed like a whore and taken to the city clubbing once a month. If a man makes any kind of contact with me I have to ask him if he needs servicing. If he says yes we take him back to our room and she has her way with then as I watch. Then I perform clean up duty on both of them as many times as they have sex. This is my sole purpose. I never have sex with her only real men have that right. I am a cum eating sissy cuckold.