I am a cock sucker

August 26th, 2016

58 years old. I am a cock sucker. Love being on my knees with my head bobbing up and down on big cock. Gulping down big tasty loads of cum. Lately I my fantasy is to be caught, be watched, be exposed.
Yes lock me chastity, put me in panties, spank me, make me the queer homo oock sucking sissy faggot that I am.

small cocklit sissy.

August 17th, 2016

The earliest I can remember of cross dressing was around age seven. I would try on my sisters panties that where silky soft. At age 28 I confessed my secret to my girlfriend. She accepted me for what I am but I had to do as she said if I wanted her to stay with me. I agreed to it and have been wearing panties every since. During the week as I work a full time job she has affairs with men. She tells me about them when I get home. On weekends she may have a boyfriend over for sex or go stay with him. I am dressed like a whore and taken to the city clubbing once a month. If a man makes any kind of contact with me I have to ask him if he needs servicing. If he says yes we take him back to our room and she has her way with then as I watch. Then I perform clean up duty on both of them as many times as they have sex. This is my sole purpose. I never have sex with her only real men have that right. I am a cum eating sissy cuckold.

Cock and Panties

July 11th, 2016

I am a married man, 53 yo. I love to dress up in panties, bra and lingerie. I like to kiss guys, suck there nipples, lick and suck there cocks, sit on their cocks, etc. I love cum. Facials, bareback, etc. I enjoy pictures of myself sucking cock. I wish I could get caught and then blackmailed into sucking cock often

I want to be an male oral cum swallowing slut

July 10th, 2016

About 3 years ago I asked my wife of 40 faithful years if I could have a little extramarital sex. She was guilty about the way she had treated me before marriage. First I was going to have a Taiwanese massage with a girl.
But then my wife got cold feet. I suggested I have gay sex with another man which allayed many of her fears.
So we fixed this up. I kissed, had 69 oral sex with this man then he put me on my knees and fucked my mouth very hard. Gabbing and out of breath I thought I enjoyed that. And want it to happen again.
Then he penetrate my ass which was nice. He sprayed his cum over my chest and I spread it all over me. I liked the cocksucking 69 the most. I learned how to avoid gagging.
Now I just want clean guys to fuck my mouth and dump their huge cumloads down my throat. I would like to be bukakked . I crave cum all the time and watch gay videos with my wife.
I never thought it would lead to this and I would be happy if I could find men to suck.

Wanna get caught

July 10th, 2016

I secretly wanna get caught sucking dick. I love sneaking around to see my friends dicks. If I could be in a video or mag i would do it- anybody know how?

Secretly love cock

July 9th, 2016

I love to suck dick, no one knows. I have a little dick! It gets hardest when I think of a cock in my mouth. Id love to suck dick in front of my girlfriend!

I am my wife’s dog.

June 10th, 2016

My wife has trained me to be her dog. She is my master so when she has numerous males over for her monthly. I am on all fours naked with only a chastity cage and a dog tail anal plug. I sit in the corner with my knees up and open and my hands flat on the floor between my legs just like the dog I am. After one stud finishes filling her I am called over to lick them both clean for the next to use her. I do this for every one who enjoys her. Cum Doggie

Erect little cocklit reading confessions

June 10th, 2016

I am a sissy male and my long time girlfriend/Mistress keeps me in a sexually heighten state most of the time. Meaning my 4 inches is erect most of the time. I have to wear chastity when she leaves on dates. When she is home I wear a cock ring or her special cock wrap. That is a large rolled up scrunchy for long hair. this is wrapped up with a sleeve of material. This is warred around my cocklit and baby balls making me even smaller when erect. When I do get to ejaculate I have to always eat my own cum up. I get to clean her lovers cum out of her used pussy when she comes home. I am referred to by her only as “little penis” or “sperm slurper”. I am a pathetic little cum guzzling pervert! Mistress allows me to read these. I am allowed to post only after she reads what I wright and approves of what I say is true. Thank you Mistress for treating me so well by feeding me cum. Thanks Sperm Slurper.


May 6th, 2016

After much preparation. Playing with toys for my wife. Whispering that I had butt plugs in when we were out. Sending her videos of me riding our biggest dildo in the backyard. Patiently letting her get used to handling toys, and sticking them in my ass… She finally strapped on a dildo and rode me. After a few minutes, and several positions, she flipped me over the way she wanted me so she could pound me balls-deep until she was fucking the cum out of me. Now she has picked out some panties for me to wear when I want to feel like her sissy. I think she’s ready to move up to the ‘big dong’, so she can make me her sissy bitch. If only we could find the right guy, that we both think is sexy, to explode in my mouth while she’s pounding me…

Girlfriend doesn’t know

April 12th, 2016

I live with my girlfriend we’ve been together for 3 years and have moved in to a rented house things are going well and we’re both happy but when she leaves her used panties around the house I’ve started wearing them and jerking off and recently when’s she’s out started using her vibrators on myself first just the sensation on my cock the buzzing but now developed by inserting them full up my anal passage and propley fucking myself with them while sometimes wearing her panties, it feels great and I love her and still find her sexy should I tell her what I’ve been up to when she’s out or keep it to myself and I might stop soon I don’t want to tell her and scare her.